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KB Enterprises is one of the leading Tour and travel firm established by a team of dedicated professional in the year 2007. Right from its inception KB Enterprises endeavour to provide professional services in the Tourism sector with the motto of “Caring Responsibly” for all the traveller and guests. KB Enterprises has successfully managed various inbound tours.

KB Enterprises is the only Tour Operator who has managed the 1st International Charter flight of Imphal International Airport with the Golden Myanmar Airlines. KB Enterprises has already signed an MOU for operating further charter flights between Mandalay & Imphal.

With more than 7 year experience in the field of tourism, KB Enterprises look forward to provide a memorable and pleasant full experience of Manipur through the various Tour packages. KB Enterprises is an approved Inbound Tour Operator under the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.



Manipur, a little Shangrila located in North-East India, is a Jewel of India. This little corner is a paradise on earth where Mother Nature has been extra generous in her bounty. Least touched and least discovered Manipur promises to be the great tourist discovery of the 21st century.

An oval shaped valley surrounded by blue-green hills, rich in art and tradition has inspired description such as the “Switzerland of the East” with its cascading rapids, tripling rivers, varieties of flowers, exotic blooms and lakes. The people of Manipur include Meitei, Nagas, Kuki-Chin-Mizo and Gorkhas groups and Muslims and other colourful communities which have lived in complete harmony for centuries. These are the people whose folklore, myths and legends, dances, indigenous games and martial arts, exotic handlooms and handicrafts are invested with the mystique of nature.



·       Approved Inbound Tour Operator (ITO) under Ministry of Tourism

·       IATO, Allied member.

·       Approved Full Fledge Money changer (FFMC) under Reserve Bank of India

·       Executive Member of Manipur Tourism Forum

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